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       Paintings and Sketches by Gus

                                   Paris and Bordeaux 2018

               Santa Barbara to San Francisco by Coast Starlight Train 2018

   Aerial Photos, Santa Barbara to Chicago, May 2017

            Aerial Photos, Chicago to Santa Barbara, November 2017

      Tauck: England, Scotland, and Wales 2017

          Aerial Photos, Santa Barbara to Chicago, May 2017

        Tauck Rendezvous on the Seine 2016

           Tauck Grand Ireland Tour 2016

          Tauck Bellissima, Northern Italy, Trip 2015

           Tauck Barcelona to Paris Trip 2015

                 Evanston Fall Colors

                      Flowers and Plants

                 Shadows and Reflections

                 Some Favorite Photographs

              Good Dogs and Fat Cats

               People Favorites  

         Lotusland, Santa Barbara 2014

           From My Window in the Sky 2014

This is a wonderful, artistic, and sensitive recognition of the formations you saw from the air.

Fascinating and without question a wonderful body of work......Barry Wolf

       Sand Patterns 2014

            Tauck Grand New England Fall Colors Trip 2013

      Chicago Scenes

     Chicago Reflections

  Tauck Riverboat Trip Budapest to Amsterdam 2013

    Tauck Riverboat Trip France 2012

  Travels with Gus

        Notre Visite à Paris 2012

   Rocky Mountaineer Trip 2011


                        Santa Barbara Sunsets

                   Is This Your Dog?

                                 I Found Your Dog



                      Patterns In The Sand

                       Time To Walk The Dog

         Les Vitrines de Paris et Plus

      Big Dogs Parade Santa Barbara 2006

           Every Dog Has His Day

          You Lucky Dog

              The Great Northwest, 2005

Worthy pictures that come in bunches only happens once or twice in a life time.  For me to
imagine that you shot them all in five weeks is incredible.  You're blessed with a good eye and the power to create.

                                                                                                                                                                                       Joe Costello

.   .   .  absolutely breathtaking !
                                                                                           Andrea Estrada

        Gone To The Dogs

        More Dog Daze

         Dog Days of Summer

    Santa Barbara Nature Scenes

      Paris--Les Gens et Leurs Chiens

          More People and Pets

       People and Pets

     People And Their Dogs

      Deep In the Heart of Texas

    Out West, Ghost Towns, Reflections

      Santa Barbara Harbor Reflections